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Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Water-wise and Life-friendly is Your Garden?

In California and throughout the U.S. Southwest the word is out: water is becoming scarce and our gardens must adapt.  We must take drought seriously; we must become water-wise.

But water-wise is only half the picture.  To be productive and sustainable, our gardens must also become more life-friendly.  They must provide beauty, food and places to enjoy our outdoor life. And they must become an inviting home for the plants, birds, insects and other creatures we humans have displaced.

Summer is a great time to reassess our gardens – to see what’s working well and what we might improve.  In short, it’s a good time to plan how to make our gardens more water-wise and life-friendly.  Take this questionnaire to see how you’re doing.  Then pledge to do at least one thing to make your garden more water-wise and life friendly this year.

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