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Bloom Calendar

Blooming Right Now in Mother Nature’s Backyard and

Mother Nature’s Garden of Health – 3/15/17 

Plant names in green indicate species is at the peak of bloom.  
For more pictures of these plants go to the Gallery of Native Plants: http://nativeplantscsudh.blogspot.com/p/gallery-of-native-plants_17.html

Plant name
Learn more about this plant
Achillea millefolium
Western (Common) yarrow
Carex praegracilis
Clustered fieldsedge
Ceanothus  ‘Ray Hartman’
‘Ray Hartman’ Ceanothus
Cercocarpus montanus
Birchleaf mountain mahogany
Claytonia perfoliata
Miner’s lettuce
Dichelostemma capitatum
Wild hyacinth
* Diplacus  hybrids
Bush monkeyflower
Eleocharis macrostachya
Formerly E. palustris
Common spikerush
Encelia californica
California bush sunflower
Eschscholzia californica
Coastal California poppy
* Heuchera maxima
Island coralbells
Lepechinia fragrans
Fragrant pitchersage
Lupinus longifolius
Longleaf bush lupine
Lupinus succulentus
Arroyo (Succulent) lupine
Malus domestica 'Anna'
‘Anna’ apple
Nemophila menziesii
Baby blue-eyes
Salvia leucophylla
Purple sage
Salvia mellifera
Black sage
Salvia munzii
Munz’ sage
Salvia spathacea
Hummingbird sage
Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea
Blue (Mexican) elderberry
Sisyrinchium bellum
Western blue-eyed grass
Stachys bullata
California woodmint

* California native, but not native to Western Los Angeles County

** cultivar





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