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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Gardener’s Thanksgiving

Thanks and praise for winter rains.
Drought reminds us to treasure - whatever Nature can spare. 

Thanks and praise for emerging seedlings.
Each one a tiny miracle, hope for the year to come. 

Thanks and praise for new spring foliage.
Our spirit needs the fresh green color – our bodies, the sustenance. 

Thanks and praise for native wildflowers.
Their beauty quickens the heart; they are truly gifts to gladden the soul. 

Thanks and praise for warm days of May,
Encouraging plants to grow, enticing us into the fragrant garden. 

Thanks and praise for the fogs of June.
They bring magic to the garden, providing water for thirsty plants. 

Thanks and praise for Mother Nature’s pollinators.
From hummingbirds to the smallest bees, they safeguard the precious cycle of life. 

Thanks and praise for the ripening harvest of summer.
The fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds - food for all the garden’s creatures (including us). 

Thanks and praise for the dry winds of September.
They cleanse the garden, ushering in the tranquility of the dormant season. 

Thanks and praise for the dormant season.
The golds and browns rest the eyes, providing a calm background for busy lives. 

Thanks and praise for the creatures of fall.
Insects, migrant birds and countless wee beings, each filling their niche in the life of the garden.  

Thanks and praise for our many human friends.
Their hard work, suggestions, love and donations - an evolving inspiration throughout the year.
                                                                                                 Constance M. Vadheim




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