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Maintaining Your New California Garden: Life-friendly Fall Pruning

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Maintaining Your New California Garden: Overview

If you’re new to sustainable gardening, you probably have only a vague idea of how to design, install and maintain a new garden.  That’s why the New California Garden  series was developed.  We walk you through the steps, give you helpful tips and suggest  resources for creating and maintaining a ‘California-friendly’ garden.

If you’re just joining the series, we suggest you start with   ‘Designing Your New California Garden’ (July 2013 - http://mother-natures-backyard.blogspot.com/2013/07/designing-your-new-california-garden-1.html) and work forward.  The monthly activities will help you design an attractive and functional garden.

In ‘Maintaining Your New California Garden’, we focus on the nitty-gritty aspects of installation and maintenance.  The series  includes posts on soil amendments, planting, mulches, watering, pruning and much, much more.  We hope this series will make it easier to maintain your water-wise, life-friendly sustainable garden. 

Seasonal changes
Timeline for garden installation
Installing (planting) the plants
Mulches and mulching
Watering: winter & spring
Watering: summer & fall
Fertilizers and plant nutrition
Amending soil
Pruning: basics
Pruning: how to prune common CA native plants
Pruning: life-friendly fall pruning
Pruning: life-friendly summer pruning
Pruning: When to prune common CA native plants
Pruning: summer
Frost damage
Coping with weeds
Managing pests



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