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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Designing Your New California Garden: 7. What Type of Gardener are You?

Gardening should be enjoyable.  You should want to get out in your garden.  While you may not have considered this,  the garden itself can determine whether you enjoy or dislike gardening.  Since you are designing/redesigning your garden, you have the chance to plan a garden that’s suited to your time, budget and gardening personality.  That’s what the ‘New California Garden’ is all about.

We all approach gardening in slightly different ways.  Certain gardening tasks may bring you great enjoyment, while others seem more like chores.    Your ‘New California Garden’ should maximize the former and minimize the latter!   But first you need to seriously consider what you like and dislike about gardening.  Our questionnaire will help you organize your thoughts.

Even the pace at which you install your garden is highly personal.   You may want to install your entire garden ‘right now’; alternatively, you may be more comfortable with letting your garden plan develop more slowly.  There is no one ‘right way’ – we each need to work within our own constraints and desires.   The following two Tables will help you discover elements of your style as a gardener that may influence the landscape plan you develop (http://www.slideshare.net/cvadheim/what-type-of-gardener-worksheet-29222124).

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