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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Work Day - February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012 was an important day for Mother Nature's Backyard.  On Friday, supplies of lumber and a load of fill dirt were delivered.

Early Saturday, work continues on the pervious pathway. Our garden will demonstrate 5 different ways to make pathways that allow rainwater the infiltrate the soil.

Kelley and Joaquin (master mason) lay sandstone path

 Roof beams were placed thanks to an ingenious small crane - the donation of crane time and manpower made this work go suprisingly quickly.

While the roof was framed, the rest of us did some serious earth-moving and landscape work.

Preparing the pathways was serious work - our soils are not the easiest to work with. Thank heavens the weather was pleasantly cool.

CSU Dominguez Hills students David Budde and Alan
Schwindt working hard on the pathways

Friends of Madrona Marsh Board President Bill Arrowsmith
did some heavy pick and shovel work

At the end of the day, our hard work paid off.  Mother Nature's Garden is beginning to look like a real garden, thanks to the help of many dedicated volunteers!

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