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Winter Drought? You’ve Just Gotta Water

    Strong El NiƱo conditions in the Pacific.   Plenty of rain and snow in Northern California and the Sierras.    But here in South...

Gallery of Native Plants

Gallery of California native plants for gardeners:  http://nativeplantscsudh.blogspot.com/p/gallery-of-native-plants_17.html

Lists of plants appropriate for western L.A. County gardens by topic.  Also links to relevant talks: http://nativeplantscsudh.blogspot.com/p/plant-lists-native-plants-for-western.html

Native Plants of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Suitable for Gardening: http://www.sccnps.org/plants-of-local-interest

Slides from talks about California native plants (variety of topics from 'Out of the Wilds and Into Your Garden' series): http://nativeplantscsudh.blogspot.com/p/out-of-wilds-and-into-your-garden-talks.html

The Drought Tolerant Garden – Los Angeles County handbook:  http://www.greengardensgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/DTH-FINAL-102912sm.pdf

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