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Your Gardening Calendar - September

September in the Southern California Garden
Each month has its special joys and tasks in the garden.  Below is a suggested calendar for September.  Remember that gardening depends on the weather, so tasks, bloom season and activities may vary from year to year.
Best of Show:
§  Flowers: Brickellia californica (sweet fragrance),*Chrysothamnus nauseosus, Ericameria ericoides, Eriogonum cinerium, Hazardia squarrosa, Helianthus annuus, Heterotheca spp., Isocoma menziesii,  Solidago spp., Symphyotrichum/Aster spp.,   
§  Fruits/berries/seeds: Comarostaphylis diversifolia, Eriogonum spp., *Forestiera pubescens, * Rhamnus spp., Rosa californica, Sambucus nigra cerulea (coastal), Vitis spp.
§  Foliage: evergreen trees & shrubs
§  Sort/clean/store seeds collected in spring/summer
§  Make a list of plants you want to purchase at the fall native plant sales (check local chapters of CA Native Plant Society and native plant nurseries for dates, times, plant lists)
§  Repair/install hardscape (paths, fences, walls, patio, pond, etc.)
§  Install/repair/clean irrigation: gutters, sprinklers, rain barrels, french drain, rain garden hardscape, etc.
§  Continue lawn/ivy removal – you’ll soon be done!
§  Prepare veg. garden for winter veggies; remove spent plants, fertilize, mulch
§  Start a compost bin/pile for your cuttings
§  From seed: cool-season grass plugs; winter veggie crops (see next bullet)
§  Start chilling seeds w/ long (2-3+ month) pre-plant stratification;
§  Plant out cool-season vegetables from starts/pony packs: broccoli,  cabbage, cauliflower, celery, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, other greens; keep well-watered – likely daily water in early morning or evening.
Watering: major watering month for Zone 2 & 3
§  Taper off watering all but Zone 2-3 & 3 plants.  Keep vegetable gardens, containers & other Zone 3 plants watered – particularly if Santa Anna winds are predicted
§  Sharpen/repair planting & pruning tools after summer (light) pruning tasks;  consider buying new/better tools if appropriate (they might even be on sale now)
§  Rake out cool-season grasses; mow or cut back if needed;
§  Prune to thin:
o    Adenostoma spp.
§  Divide native bulbs/corms; store or replant
§  Grasshoppers can eat a lot at this time of year
§  Gophers may be getting desperate
§  Buy a birdbath, fountain, even just a flat container to provide a welcome drink for the birds; keep it filled
§  This is a great time to observe the fall pollinators on Buckwheats and Sunflowers – get out your camera
§  Consider adding a bird feeder to supply extra bird food this time of year (at least until your Sunflowers go to seed)
§  Pick ripe winter squash, tomatoes, peppers; enjoy a new recipe using the fresh summer vegetables
§  Pick fresh sweet corn near coast
Enjoying the garden:
§  Treat  yourself to a good set of pruners
§  Enjoy fall blooming bush sunflowers; notice all the insect visitors to these wonderful plants
§  Upload your photos of birds and insects to iNaturalist (https://www.inaturalist.org/)
§  Enjoy scent of Bricklebush in late afternoon
§  Sip iced tea made from native mints; they’re cool and refreshing on hot September days





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