Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

Rainy Mother Nature's Backyard - July 18, 2015
Had some surprise rain yesterday.  We don't usually get summer monsoonal rains in the Los Angeles basin.  But the remnants of Hurricane Dolores brought rain, thunder and lightning.  We'll take any 'tears' Dolores wants to shed on us!!!
Rain chain got a workout

Dark clouds of the Garden of Health
Haven't been to the garden to photograph in a while, but the garden is in full summer bounty.  Even in our 4th year of drought there are plenty of blooms, butterflies and pollinators in Mother Nature's Backyard.  These pictures are from 7/9/15.

Buckwheats are queens of the garden this time of year

Time to pick Blue Elderberries again!!

The Garden of Health is still young and awaiting a rainy winter




























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