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Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

With another 0.6 inches of rain from Friday's storm, things are looking very spring-like in the gardens.  Spring blooms are lovely, particularly CA poppy, 'Ray Hartman' Ceanothus and the Blue-eyed grass. Come see the garden now for a great show. And don't forget to buy tickets for the Theodore Payne Tour (we're on it!).  These pictures are from 3/18/2018. 

Woodmint (Stachys bullata) in full bloom right now.

Winning combo: CA poppies and Blue-eyed grass

Lemonadeberry in bloom - one of many pollinator-attractors right now.

Glorious 'Ray Hartman' Ceanothus - in full bloom, sweetly scented.

One of our favorite tea plants: Fragrant pitchersage (Lepechinia fragrans).

California poppies attracting lots of European Honeybees in our new
 Bie havn Pollinator Garden

First Dudleya to bloom: Dudleya virens

We'll add more species of Dudleya to our collection in the future.
Our Garden of Health is looking particularly lush right now.  This garden features locally native
 medicinal plants and their uses.

Perennial Pycnanthemum popping up.

Nice day to wander the Garden of Health.

For a slideshow of Mother Nature's Backyard from 2012 to 2017 see: https://www.slideshare.net/cvadheim/mnby-through-the-years-90390413
For a slideshow of Mother Nature's Garden of Health from 2014-2017 see: https://www.slideshare.net/cvadheim/mngoh-through-the-years













































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