Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

Oh my! What winds we've had recently.  Everyone else gets rain - we just get heat, drought and wind. Guess somehow we'll cope with our 5th year of drought.
 The gardens are rapidly transitioning from spring to summer.  We miss the spring wildflowers, which are pretty much all gone.   These pictures are from 4/28/16.
Definitely transitioning to summer.

The spring wildflowers have pretty much gone to seed.  We let them reseed in the gardens.

Yarrow's coming into its own right now.

Conejo buckwheat's sulfur-colored flowers add a bright touch.
Oops!  Caught me in the middle of Spring cleanup

Cobwebby thistle already going to seed in some places

You can almost see the shrubs that will one day hide our utility area!

Looking west across the Garden of Health.

Heucheras and Columbines look nice after a little water

Sticky monkeyflower, Elegant clarkia (magenta) and Wooly bluecurls in background

Yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica) is taking off!!


For a slideshow of Mother Nature's Backyard from 2012 to 2015 see:







































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