Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

 The garden is moving through summer rather quickly now.  With heat predicted this week, plants will really be fall-like. This is a good time of year for all sorts of insects.  Even in our 4th year of drought there are plenty of blooms, butterflies and pollinators in Mother Nature's Backyard.  These pictures are from 8/11/15.

Lively California goldenrod (Salidago californica) around the fountain

Plenty of butterfly and pollinator plants still blooming

Buckwheats and sunflowers dominate late summer/fall landscape

Lovely pastels of St. Catherine's Lace (Giant Buckwheat)

Even in a drought summer, Mother Nature's Backyard has plenty of green

California native gardens are green & golden in late summer

Lots of interesting shapes, colors and scents in Mother Nature's summer Backyard
Giving Mother Nature's Garden of Health a little water.  This is only the first or second summer
 for these plants, so many still need a little extra water.




























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