Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

 The garden looks like a fall garden now - full of the beautiful colors we associate with this season.  We had a bit of rain two weeks ago and some annual wildflower seeds have germinated - probably not good, since we still can expect at least another 3-4 weeks of hot weather. 
Quite a few birds in the garden eating.  We've planned several fall pruning sessions (see the calendar).  We'll prune to retain the bird's food for as long as possible (see our November, 2014 posting on Life-friendly Fall Pruning).    These pictures are from 9/27/15.
Fall pruning will tame some of these 'sunflowers'

Our many Buckwheats contribute shades of brown

Telegraph plant (foreground) is going to seed.  See last month's Plant of the Month
 for more on this interesting and useful plant

Some fruits on the Toyon espalier already have some color

A little rain made everything fresh and clean again

Who says fall gardens have no color (or green)?

The garden awaits the start of the rainy season

We'll do some pruning in the Garden of Health as well.





























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