Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

Pictures are from 10/12/14. September was hot and dry, but we are finally getting some periods of cool weather.  The plants are fully into the dormant season - except for those given occasional water.   The predominant colors are rusts, tans and grays.  Some of the winter-dormant plants like the Blue elderberry are losing their leaves.   See the Sept/2014 posting on 'Seasons in a Southern California Garden' to learn more about our seasons.
It's time for fall crafts like natural dyeing.   The whole garden will look very different after we begin our fall 'Pruning Workshops' next week (see calendar).

Solar dyeing with native plants is an easy, energy-wise craft

Fall natural dye classes & exhibits at Mother Nature's Backyard

The rain garden - watered every 2-3 weeks - stays green

Buckwheats add a touch of rust-brown

California fuschia 'Island' (Epilobium canum) still going strong

The California goldenrod is just about done for the season






















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