Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

 Lovely fall day in the garden yesterdayWe still haven't gotten any fall/winter rain, so we watered in the shady area.  The garden shapes and colors are spectacular. 
We pruned some sunflowers and sages in both the Garden of Health and Mother Nature's Backyard. There will be several more fall pruning sessions in the next few weeks (see the calendar). This is a good chance to learn how to prune your native shrubs and perennials.
We prune sequentially to keep the garden from looking too bare and to retain the habitat/food for as long as possible (see our November, 2014 posting on Life-friendly Fall Pruning).    These pictures are from 11/14/15.

See how large the 'Ray Hartman' Ceanothus has gotten in four years

Pruned the California goldenrod (Solidago californica) back, but left a little greenery, seeds

Toyon espalier ready for Thanksgiving (some fruits already eaten).

The colors of fall - Mother Nature's Backyard.

Pruning California sagebrush (Artemisia californica) as part of the 11/14 pruning workshop
We'll dry the cuttings for making potpourri.  Placing cuttings on a tarp also decreases the
 number of unwanted seedlings popping up in the paths.
Mother Nature's Garden of Health is mostly pruned.  Now we just need rain so we can plant.





























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