Current Photos of Mother Nature's Backyard

 The gardens are rapidly transitioning from spring to summer.  The spring wildflowers are pretty much all gone - but the summer bloomers are coming on strong.   These pictures are from 5/12/16.

Summer is rapidly approaching in Mother Nature's Backyard

'Dana Point' buckwheat is in full bloom - come see the pollinators!

May is a nice time to sit out in the garden

Just pruned the Toyon espalier; will be filled with blooms soon!

Cliff aster (Malacothrix saxatilis) is attracting a wide range of pollinators

Our Plant of the Month, Wooly bluecurls, is lovely right now.

Red Admiral butterfly busy nectaring on Yarrow.




For a slideshow of Mother Nature's Backyard from 2012 to 2015 see:







































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